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Hope your surgery went smoothly today bud.
Thanks! I should be better in no time with Jan's healing monk skills.
Get better soon sir and i hope you arent laid up too long.
Thanks for the video heads up Relen. and I heard about your ankle from O last night.
That was pretty sweet and kind of a variation of painting with light
Welcome to Heroes of Lore!

We are a new guild just starting out on the Thunderhorn - US server. We are a group of friendly, laid back players who's main goal is to help each other level and to enjoy playing World of Warcraft together. We accept all races and classes of any level as well as people who have just started playing the game. You won't find another guild as eager to help you get your WoW legs as us!
As our members and levels grow we will begin heroic dungeons and raids. But our focus above all is to support one another and have fun!
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Heroes of Lore has reached level 25!!

Januel210, Mar 20, 12 12:06 AM.
Great job one and all for all of your hard work! you are all the best! Here jan is proudly waiting as the achievement dinged!


Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Nov 10, 11 4:08 PM.
Playing around in Hyjal with the guild (Nov 5, 2011)

Left to Right: Elm, Jan, Relen, Ram, Splits & Jan again.
Someone put out that burning cat! its screaming in agony!

Ragnaros Guild Achievement

Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Sep 12, 11 9:36 PM.
Finally had enough people together to get the Guild Achievement for Ragnaros! (Sept 7, 2011)

Left to Right: Elm, Grave, Jan, Beertime, Ram, Jan again, Relen, Relen Again & Aion

Biker Gang

Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Sep 12, 11 9:33 PM.
The guild biker gang, ready to cause some mayhem! (Sept 7, 2011)

Left to Right: Elm, Stormy, Aion, Jan, Lillia, Relen, Grave & Ram


Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Sep 12, 11 9:30 PM.
This isn't the first time we downed Sartharion, but this is the first time we remembered to take a guild photo before he got skinned. (Aug 16, 2011)

Left to Right: Seccs, Ram, Stormy, Lillia, Jan, Jan again, Relen, O & Aion


Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Sep 12, 11 9:27 PM.
Onyxia's Lair (July 6, 2011)

Left to Right: Lillia, O, Relen, Aion, Grave, Jan, Jan again & Elm


Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Sep 12, 11 9:25 PM.
One of the hardest things we've accomplished as a guild was AQ40! (July 4, 2011)

Left to Right: Relen, Grave, O, Jan, Aion & Elm


Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Sep 12, 11 9:05 PM.
The guild also took down Al'ar that night (June 27, 2011)

Right to Left: Lillia, Grave, Relen, Aion, Jan & O.
Not sure what Elm is up to way in the background. When he joined the group again, his eyes were a little bloodshot and his nose was covered in pink dust. Those crazy enchanters!


Relen_Of_Thunderhorn, Sep 12, 11 8:39 PM.
Finally posting a few of out older accomplishments.
Here's when we downed Kael'Thas for the first time (June 27th 2011)

Left to Right: Grave, Relen, Elm, Jan, O & Lillia

Gruul downed!

Januel210, Jun 23, 11 11:57 PM.

Grats to Januel, Elmsong, Gilik and Tyril (aka O) for taking down Gruul!!!
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